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Architecture Design.

“The mother of all arts is Architecture”- Frank Lloyd Wright. My UX Design roots are from my start as an Architect. This is a brief overview of some of my work in architecture.

Introducing the Wood Mews.

Wood Mews is a modern interpretation of the old London mew buildings. The main construction material is wood. The project area was close to an airport. Airports are usually are an economic growth factor for the surrounding neighborhoods. However, an airport creates noise. It makes living close to an airport for most people not comfortable. That’s why the Wood Mews have a special emphasis on sound insulation for its users.

In this overview, I give you a brief design summary of the project.

Purpose and Context

I designed the Wood Mews project as a part of a design class during my architecture studies at the TU-Berlin. The task was to create an urban design and a housing structure. The challenge was that the plot was close the almost finished International Berlin Airport.

My Process

  1. Research
  2. Concept Finding
  3. Preliminary Draft
  4. Final Design
  5. Construction Drawings

My Role

Architecture Student
Graphic Designer


Pen & Paper
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign

Design Concept

The central design concept is a combination of townhouses and multi-story residential buildings. My target audience for the townhouses were families with children. The residential buildings are designed as shared apartments for tourists and travelers. The statical structure is based on a flexible grid 6x12m. The solid wood construction has almost the same characteristics as other types of solid construction materials as concrete or bricks. Since noise is an issue around the airport, I designed closed winter gardens for each house. The winter gardens are either at the rooftop or on top of the garages.

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