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Redesign of the Blogging iOS App Teoleo

Introducing Teoleo.

Teoleo is an App for parents and caretakers of children. The vision is to give all children the best possible starting opportunities in their lives; regardless of origin and status.
Teoleo is helping parents and daycare workers to playfully promote the development of their children aged 0 to 6 years. This means nothing more than the promotion of the natural urge to discover our children and thus a healthy mental and physical development.



Purpose and Context

This project was for my client the German non-profit Initiative Für Frühe Bildung. I developed the designs for a native iOS-App. In addition to that, I redesigned the App Store logo. In this case study, we are primarily focused on the outcome of the final designs. Since this project is only focused on the German market, the app is only built in the German language.

My Process

Understanding Business Goals

  1. User Research/Analytics
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. Wireframes & Mockups
  4. User Testing
  5. Project Recap

My Role

Freelance UX/UI Consultant


Sketch App
Pen & Paper

The redesigned app logo

Understanding the Business Goals


First, I was very surprised my client had conducted a lot of user research upfront. He even participated in a usability workshop to identify usability issues of the app. At the end of the day, he had a bunch of suggestions and ideas about why the current app is not working well. However, he was still unclear how he could transform all this information into the product.

Furthermore, it was important for me to understand the vision and the general idea of the app. It’s especially important when looking for competitors. Since the app is providing information regularly, you can categorize it as a News app with a very specified audience.

With a vast amount of data upfront, I saw my responsibility in creating as quickly as possible a clickable prototype. My client needed something tangible, something to show to his investors and donors. 

To put the rest of the goals into a nutshell:

  • Make the vision of the ‘Six Idea Worlds’ visible and easy to understand for the user.
  • Users should always see the newest post on the ‘landing page’.
  • Add a favorite feature 
  • eliminate current misleading navigation 
  • self-explanatory UI


Start Screen

One of the business goals was to categorize existing content according to the six ‘Worlds of Ideas’. Users can swipe directly on the  landing screen through the categories and find filtered content.


Teoleo has two main features. Discovering new activities for kids and organizing them into favorites. These features deserve the prime position of mobile navigation, the bottom tab navigation bar. The goal is to animate the user to browse through the content and discover new ideas that he wouldn’t have found without the app.

Worlds of Ideas

In my competitive analysis, I learned that most advisory apps for parents are using a classic mobile blog structure. Most users already used apps with a blog feature. That means they are used to a certain structure of consuming written information on mobile devices.

Blog Post

Reading a blog post should be a focused activity without distractions. That’s why I removed the bottom tab bar and replaced it with a close button. Even though it’s against common UI heuristics, to change the structure of the navigation system during the flow, this is a very common practice I wanted to implement here.

User Flow

Users can filter the content by the age group when they use the app for the first time.


Project Recap

What went well?

A project like this is always a journey together with the client. For me, the most enjoyable part was the collaboration and requirement gathering. It is one of the most important phases of product development. My client had already done a lot of work upfront with User Research. I learned very early that they needed a strong and result-driven execution of the project.
The project took less than two weeks. We oriented us roughly on the design sprint guidelines. If you are looking for a fast-paced and result-driven design process, the design sprint is the right choice.


What could be improved?

We will go into a refinement process after the next user testing session. For now, it was important to deliver a feasible and reliable product to our existing users.


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